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Charming, Handsome, Christ-Like Humility. Qualities that Matt Johnston would use to describe himself.
Just let him have his day would ya? Born in 1991 in Walnut Creek, Matthew spent most of his conscious (and a lot of his unconscious) life in San Francisco and the surrounding metropolitan area except for a brief two year stint in Southern California where he learned saying &#34;Hella&#34; was not as cool as he thought it was.  Currently Matt is a Full Time Legal Assistant in Burlingame but lives in nearby San Mateo in an apartment on his own. He attends local community colleges CSM and Skyline and aspires to be a lawyer someday. Matthew is multi-lingual, speaks languages such as 1337 $P34|<, American English, and Sarcasm.  Interests include fighting crime, food (mostly eating it), the internet, video games, laughing at his own jokes,  politics, socializing with friends and aquintances, and is trying to be interested in normal things like sports.
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