City Forms Sustainability Commission; Applications Sought for Feb. 28 Deadline

"There has been a growing interest in sustainability throughout the community and the City recognizes the need to provide greater civic engagement around this topic," a city announcement states.

The following news release was submitted for publication by the city of San Mateo: 

 After evaluating options for addressing sustainability throughout the community, the San Mateo City Council took final steps at the Monday, February 3rd Council meeting to adopt an ordinance to establish a Sustainability Commission. 

There has been a growing interest in sustainability throughout the community and the City recognizes the need to provide greater civic engagement around this topic.  This past summer, the San Mateo City Council directed staff to evaluate the recommendation for establishing a Sustainability Commission.  It was determined that the Commission would focus on a broad definition of sustainability, which includes environmental issues as well as topics related to economic and social sustainability. 

Now that the decision to form the Sustainability Commission has been finalized, the City of San Mateo has opened the application process and encourages community members who are registered to vote in San Mateo to apply. 

It is a rare opportunity for a city to establish a new commission.  Those appointed to the Sustainability Commission will be in a unique position to advise Council and City officials on policies that will help to create a more sustainable future for the community and will assist with public outreach on issues related to all facets of sustainability. 

Topics that the Commission may evaluate include: updating the City’s existing Sustainability Plans, providing input on a Landscape Water Efficiency Ordinance, coordinating water conservation efforts with CalWater, providing input on the beekeeping ordinance, and implementing public outreach efforts.

“The applicants to the Commission should have a strong interest in all of the components of a sustainable city, including the environmental, economic, and social needs of the community,” says Kathy Kleinbaum, Senior Management Analyst and staff liaison to the Sustainability Commission. “The Commissioners need not be subject matter experts in any one component but instead should understand how each piece interrelates.”


Those interested in applying for the Commission should submit the City application by Friday, February 28th.  The San Mateo City Council will interview applicants in mid-March and the approval of the Commissioners will take place during the April 7th City Council meeting.  Please visit the City’s website www.cityofsanmateo.org for the application and for more information about the Sustainability Commission.


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