San Mateo Police Remind Residents to Lock Cars

A number of vehicles have been broken into in downtown San Mateo recently, prompting police to remind residents to lock their vehicles.

The San Mateo Police Department is reminding residents to lock their cars as officers have seen a trend of vehicle burglaries in the city recently.

Over the past weekend, officers have been notified of four window-smash auto burglaries in the downtown San Mateo area, Sgt. Dave Norris said.

Window-smash burglaries likely occur due to visible valuable property within a locked vehicle that enticed a criminal to break the window to steal it, Norris said.

San Mateo police offer the following advice:

1) LOCK YOUR CAR! – Unlocked vehicles are the #1 target of these types of bandits…
2) KEEP VALUABLES OUT OF YOUR CAR OR STOW THEM OUT OF SIGHT! – Window-smashes are almost always the result of a locked car and a valued item in plain sight …

Tips while shopping:

1) Program SMPD’s Dispatch line into your mobile phone: 650-522-7700
2) Keep a mobile phone handy, but out of sight – thieves also like to target those “distracted shoppers” who are not paying attention and are walking/shopping while using their mobile devices – these bandits are known to snatch the devices right out of the hands of the distracted victims!


Anyone with information on current investigations or ongoing crime trends is encouraged to contact SMPD Investigations:

SMPD Investigations Bureau: 522-7650

SMPD Secret Witness hotline: 522-7676

Anonymous Text to SMPD: 262-3473

• If you see a crime in progress or anything that appears to be suspicious in your neighborhood, please do not hesitate to contact the San Mateo Police Department:

• Emergencies and crimes in progress: 911

• Non-urgent matters or direct dial SMPD from mobile phone: 650-522-7700


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