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San Mateo Bridge Hit-and-Run Wrecks Porsche

San Mateo Police Arrest Suspects Linked to Numerous Robberies

One of the suspects arrested in connection with recent street robberies was found with a loaded shotgun.

The San Mateo Police Department has arrested two suspects believed to be linked to at least six street robberies throughout town this month.

During the month of March, police noticed a trend of street robberies in the north end of San Mateo.

Officers in the Crime Reduction Unit were assigned to recognize crime trends and employ various tactics including undercover operations, plainclothes and marked satured patrols, surveillance, and other techniques, San Mateo Police Sgt. Dave Norris said.

Their directive was to quickly recognize these crime trends and develop a strategy to arrest the violators and stop the crime spree, monitor drug and gang activity, identify emerging crime and suspicious activity, and provide preventative measures to guard the San Mateo community against potential criminal activity.

A recent robbery on Saturday at 2nd Avenue and Eldorado Street involved a suspect wielding a long-barreled gun, and fleeing in a red Honda, according to Norris.

Officers conducted a covert operation in San Mateo on the evening of March 20th at about 9 p.m., during the time range and in the area of the recent street robberies.

The officers spotted a red Honda that matched the suspect vehicle description, about two blocks away from a previous robbery scene.

The Crime Reduction Unit coordinated with patrol units and stopped the Honda.

The two people inside the car -- 19-year-old Keyana McLish of Redwood City and 18-year-old David Cooper of San Pablo -- were ultimately arrested after an investigation revealed Cooper was in possession of a loaded shotgun concealed in his pants, Norris said.

McLish and Cooper were booked into San Mateo County Jail on suspicion of Conspiracy and Armed Robbery. Cooper was additionally charged with Possession of a Concealed, Loaded Firearm. 

SMPD Detectives are continuing to look at other crimes, including the six other recent robberies in San Mateo, that may be attributed to these suspects.

SAFETY MESSAGE from San Mateo Police:

Take measures to protect yourself when out in public, especially in the evenings as it gets dark.

  • Your safety should be the number one priority.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and know who is nearby.
  • Pay attention to the uncomfortable feelings that often warn us of potential danger.
  • Don't be afraid to cross the street, return to a business, or ask for help based on a "funny feeling." You may be right!
  • Make a plan for how you would respond if someone tried to steal your purse or wallet.
  • Don't resist or try to fool the robber , especially if they are armed or claim to have a weapon – your property is not worth the price of your personal safety.
  • Program SMPD’s Dispatch Number into your mobile phone, AND MEMORIZE IT IN CASE YOUR PHONE IS TAKEN.
  • SMPD Dispatch – 650-522-7702 - REMEMBER – Call SMPD right away - The faster you can call after a crime, the more likely responding police are to catch the suspects.

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