Kids With Special Needs Given Special Chance to Meet Santa

Hillsdale Shopping Center has teamed up with Autism Speaks to give children with special needs a calm opportunity to meet Santa Claus.

Hillsdale Shopping Center.
Hillsdale Shopping Center.
All kids should have the opportunity to experience the joy of visiting and having a photo taken with Santa.

That’s why Hillsdale Shopping Center and Autism Speaks have joined together this holiday season to give children with special needs the chance to meet Santa Claus in a calm, mellow environment.

For one hour on Sunday, Dec. 8, from 9-10 a.m., kids with special needs will be able to visit with Santa in a more relaxed, sensor friendly environment, free from crowds, long lines and the distractions of holiday shoppers. 

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. Call 650-571-1029 to make your reservation. LIMITED BOOKINGS ARE AVAILABLE. Only one child per reservation, please. NO RESERVATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 5:30 p.m. ON FRIDAY, DEC. 6.


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