Sun Shining Over Bay Area, But Week May Bring Rain

Don't put those umbrellas away yet; more rain is expected this week.

Heavy rain over the past week has brought totals up in the Bay Area, but the region is still well below normal levels when it comes to precipitation, a National Weather Service forecaster said.

In San Francisco, rainfall totals have reached 50 percent of normal, but parts of the South Bay are only at 30 percent, forecaster Diana Henderson said.

More rain is expected this week, but the Bay Area won't see the kind of downpours it did with the last series of storms, according to the weather service.

This season's highest rainfall totals have been tallied in the North Bay, with 17.7 inches measured in Santa Rosa since the beginning of the season on July 1.

San Francisco has received about half as much rainfall this year as last year, with 10.3 inches total. San Jose has tallied a mere 3.8 inches of rainfall.

Because it is next to the Santa Cruz Mountains, San Jose is protected from systems that roll in from the Pacific Ocean, Henderson said.

Henderson said about 7 inches of snowfall accumulated last week at the top of Mt. Hamilton, at 4,200 feet, just east of San Jose.

A high surf advisory that was issued over the weekend along the San Francisco-Peninsula coast and the Monterey Bay ended Sunday.

A cold front is approaching the San Francisco coast, and there is a chance of rain beginning Tuesday.

-- Bay City News


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