SFO to Enforce Trespassing Laws to Protect Habitat

The enforcement will protect an endangered species' habitat.

San Francisco police and San Francisco International Airport employees will begin enforcing no trespassing laws Monday on airport property to protect an endangered species' habitat.

In a letter sent to nearby residents, airport officials said the West of Bayshore area adjacent to U.S. Highway 101 is a sensitive habitat for the San Francisco garter snake, an endangered species, and the California red-legged frog, a threatened species.

SFO is legally required to manage flooding and vegetation on the property to protect the habitat and prevent uses that might lead to the injury or death of the species.

Nearby residents have received letters warning them that fences on their property may not have gates that open directly on to the property, and fences and property improvements cannot extend on to the West of Bayshore property.

SFO will be repairing and adding fencing in the coming months to prevent unauthorized access to the area, officials said. Trespassers will receive an initial warning, but repeat offenders will be cited and prosecuted.

-- Bay City News


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