UK Gaming Company Moving to San Mateo

Fight My Monster has announced it will soon be moving its headquarters to San Mateo.


Online gaming company Fight My Monster has announced it will soon be leaving behind its headquarters in the Queens Park area of London in favor of the Silicon Valley Peninsula - namely, good old San Mateo.

Fight My Monster is fast becoming a recognizable name in the gaming industry. Though the company still hasn't even celebrated its second birthday, it already boasts roughly 1.5 million users, who regularly spend at least 40 minutes on the site each time they visit.

In particular, Fight My Monster is making significant headway in the target market of boys age 8-14. Founder and CEO Dominic Williams is father to four boys of his own, between 3-11 years old, whom he says regularly provide valuable feedback on the company's games and other products.

And, rumor has it, Fight My Monster will soon be attempting to go the way of gming goldmine Angry Birds and branching out from providing just online games.

TechCrunch reports the company recently signed on with merchandising and licensing experts Russell Binder and Dimensional Branding Group - who actually do work with the team behind Angry Birds - to look into merchandising and other potential tie-in revenue streams.

Fight My Monster also reportedly signed a TV production deal with the Oscar-nominated Brown Bag Films recently, for an as-yet unknown project.

No word yet on where in San Mateo the company will be setting down roots for its new Bay Area headquarters.


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Ben Toy August 13, 2012 at 06:05 PM
San Mateo is the northern border of Silicon Valley, so they have located in Silicon Valley San Mateo is where YouTube started and the father of all Internet media streaming...Napster (later to become Rhapsody) also started in San Mateo ComCast is putting in broad band in DownTown...my guess is that big money sees San Mateo as one of the next whatever or the next dot.com epicenter Folks better wake up and get out of the way....and....be ready to make the changes necessary to 'guide' this in order to keep our 'small town USA' look and feel...we have to change in order to keep that feel of San Mateo


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