"Sing Books with Emily" Brings Classic Tunes to Life

Kids gathered around performer Emily Everson to hear stories told through song at the Lake Ridge Neighborhood Library.

The librarians' old adage to "keep quiet, please” was ignored on July 13 at the Lake Ridge Neighborhood Library. 

Lifelong vocalist and performer Emily Leatha Everson visited the small outpost for one of Prince William Public Library System’s Amazing Tales special events.

Everson’s program, "Sing Books with Emily," brought musical life to children’s illustrated books featuring a dozen songs, such as “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning,” “Over the Rainbow,” “A-You’re Adorable,” and “Puff the Magic Dragon.”

Children of varying ages sat on brightly-colored cushions provided by the library while listening to Everson sing.

“I was a professional singer and performer, but after having children, I noticed a number of books based on familiar songs and I would sing to my children instead of reading,” Everson said.

Everson explained that her program, which she first performed at local elementary schools, familiarizes children with classic songs ranging from nursery rhymes to Broadway musical excerpts. 

Lynn Casey, Lake Ridge Neighborhood Library Supervisor, said the library's summertime special events gave children the opportunity to see professionals.  “The [summer] programs are an extension of those we do during the year,” she explained.

“Miss Emily has a beautiful voice and she’s so animated,” Sarah Schearer, a mother attending the program with her children, said.

Everson concluded her performance with an impromptu a cappella rendition of “My Favorite Things,” from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music, which was requested by a small child in the audience.

Compact discs titled Oh, What a Beautiful Day: Sing Books with Emily, the Cabaret were available for purchase for $10. 

Everson provides a detailed list of illustrated books to be sung, as well as news of her performances, on her blog.

Lauren Jost July 18, 2011 at 03:31 PM
Emily, If you could send me an email (laurenj@patch.com) I can help set you up!
Stephanie Dupal-Demartin July 18, 2011 at 07:35 PM
Thank you for the wonderful comments. My daughter asked me the day after the performance if we could please return to the library to listen to books! That is quite a compliment. Emily: I have seen your name written with and without Gleichenhaus; I wrote it as I found it on the lovely postcard. Unfortunately, I don't know how to "hyperlink" a word on Patch (in this case, blog) with the proper URL.
Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus July 18, 2011 at 07:52 PM
Hi Stephanie! YES! Sometimes (often) just for fun I use my WHOLE name: Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus. Each name represents dearly loved people and I don't want to leave anyone out! :-) Thanks for your kind words and great article. I hope the library has me back again so we can all keep singing together! Love, Emily
Stephanie Dupal-Demartin July 18, 2011 at 09:44 PM
I quite understand: I have four middle names and two last names. (A total of seven, yes.) Although I don't use my entire name, which never fits on paperwork, with the exception of my birth and marriage certificates... My daughter and I will definitely be back for more song-and-book time!
Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus July 18, 2011 at 11:37 PM
Dear Stephanie, That is so cool...SEVEN names! I hope you soon get a chance to unfurl that ribbon of nomenclature!! I will certainly look forward to singing with you again soon! Take Care, Emily


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